Retail Development Group

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity (Albert Einstein).

Our Mission

Changes, Challenges, Opportunities!

The Retail industry underwent significant changes in recent years:...... And new challenges are daily in place to confront us with decisions where it is hard to foresee the results or what comes next. There used to be a famous story by Spencer Johnson “Who moved my cheese”, asking the question when it is the right time to move on to new and maybe rather unknown fields of operation instead of trying to keep to the existing standards. He simplifies the story with mice living in their holes and waiting for their cheese which is, after a certain time not coming anymore. How will I be affected from the crisis? Will my wholesale client buy my products in the future? What product volumes can I produce, having the security that they will be sold? Will the customer on the street like my concept? How can I make it more appealing? Questions that many of us are confronted with. Important decisions that provide the brand with an identity for a long time. And that is why it is crucial to rely on experts dealing with these questions and processes more than twice in a lifetime.

Changes challenge Opportunities!

We even go a step further than only changes, challenges and opportunities. We think that changes challenge opportunities. Every day, you'll have opportunities to take chances and to work outside your safety net. Sure, it's a lot easier to stay in your comfort zone, but sometimes you have to take decision in rather unknown fields of operation where you do not know the results for sure. But sometimes finding new paths is your duty, due to a changed economic or competition situation. Small opportunities are oftentimes beginnings of great enterprises. We want to provide you with a vision for your individual business, a vibrant and sustainable retail business tailored to your conceptual needs. Based on long lasting experience and extensive knowledge in the field of Retail and Retail Real Estate we define long-term targets, business development strategies and retail benchmarks. We help you to establish and to follow your individually defined story for the long-term. Having realized that the underlying vision is crucial, we know that retail is also detail. And every detail has - from a given time - to follow the story line. You are the retailer – and we help you to create your individual personality. Because this is what makes you different from all other retailers in the world.