Retail Development Group

“Retail is retelling of a story” - we help you to create it.

Our Service

With long lasting experience and extensive knowledge, we offer consultancy services mainly in the following areas:

  1. Strategic Business Development
  2. Development and Implementation of a Retail Organisation/ Unit (from Wholesale to Retail)
  3. International Retail Expansion
  4. Turnaround Management
  5. Commercial Real Estate Marketing and Development
  6. Outlet Center Development and Marketing
  7. Department Store Consulting



In 1999, Ulrich and Jutta Nordhorn founded Retail Development Group.

Before the foundation of their own company Ulrich worked with McDonald´s, The GAP and Habitat in the field of Business Development. He accumulated business experience in Germany, France and the USA in the fields of Merger and Acquisitions, Marketing and Retail. Jutta gained experiences in the field of business consulting in Switzerland and USA. She worked with Grey Advertising and McCann Erickson in the marketing and advertising business.

Besides of various other projects Retail Development Group has been mandated from 1999 to 2002 by Esprit, to develop its Retail Business in Europe. Afterwards they have worked on behalf of Puma for 5 years, building and developing Puma’s retail business in the whole of Europe with outlet and fullprice stores. Since 1999 they worked in the factory outlet industry in the field of development, marketing and leasing processes.

They consult also department stores to restructure and reposition their business formulas according to the new challenges imposed by consumers on department stores.

Today Retail Development Group provides a broad knowledge and experience in all different areas of retail and real estate industry.  


Since Retail Development Group has been founded, it has been owned and supported by a passionate and dedicated team of people. The values of responsibility and quality are the highest of our priorities. While the leadership supports the company in its permanent, healthy and long-term growth, it is however also the work with our team that is one of our biggest assets. Within our team of six employees, professional qualification and social competence are very important building blocks. We combine in-depth knowledge of retail strategy and methods with vast market knowledge and marketing expertise, making us a well-respected partner for our clients. That is why we can support our partners in a hands-on approach with the highest level of commitment, enthusiasm and last but not least sustainable quality.

Team Retail Development Group


Client References


  1. Adidas
  2. Airfield
  3. Billy+Syd
  4. Burlington
  5. Disney Store
  6. Esprit
  7. Fogal
  8. Gerry Weber
  9. H2O
  10. IC Companies
  11. La Senza
  12. L'Occitane
  13. Mailboxes etc.
  14. Mexx
  15. Navyboot
  16. Nike
  17. Puma
  18. S'Oliver
  19. Starbucks
  20. TJ Max
  21. Tommy Hilfiger
  22. Triumph
  23. Volcom
  24. Vroom & Dreesmann
  25. Zara


Commercial Real Estate & Outlet Development

  1. AOC Ardennes Outlet (Comer Group)
  2. Bibliotheksgatan Stockholm (Centrum Utveckling)
  3. EOC Ochtrup (Hütten-Holding)
  4. FOC Bremen Ochtum Park (Miro)
  5. Freeport Roppenheim Shopping Outlet (Freeport / Carlyle)
  6. Shopping Center La Vallée (Ségécé)
  7. Various Projects (Aachener Grundvermögen)
  8. etc.